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Decent Book

The Abduction of Nelly Don - Patrice Williams Marks

Disclaimer: I won this book in a BookLikes giveaway.


Rating: 3 stars


Review: I'm a bit torn about this book. I did not know anything about Nelly Don prior to winning this book, but I'm a sucker for thrillers. I also was intrigued about the fact that it was based on a true story. First, I think that there should be something stating that this is a fictionalized account, based on a true story. I was very confused in the beginning because I did not understand that about the book. Second, the writing is decent, but needs some work. The story is very choppy (especially at the beginning). As a result, I found it difficult to get in to the book until after I had read a few chapters. Third, I believe the editor could have done a better job. The writer has a tendency to change tenses from one sentence to the next; a habit that I found distracting. On the whole, however, I found the story to be interesting and the writing to be decent. Once Nelly is abducted, the pace of the story picks up and the I found it more interesting.